How to start your own architectural firm

Research Research is a must when you begin your own architectural business. Understand the trends in the sector, see what’s happening locally, and be aware of any laws or regulations which could affect you. Start by looking into the industry, competitors, and possible clients. This will help you decide if your own firm is a […]

How to design an architecture portfolio for job interview

Introduction Crafting a portfolio for a job interview is key in impressing potential employers. It should demonstrate your skills, experience, design thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Include academic work and professional experience, as well as relevant case studies and research. Content should reflect the type of role you’re applying for. Presentation should be carefully chosen; highlight […]

Best laptops for Architects and Architecture Students

Introduction Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is used by architects and architecture students. To manage their projects, they need a laptop with the right specifications. Choose a laptop to run your CAD applications smoothly. It should have a high processing power, graphics card, RAM and storage space. Intel’s 8th or 9th generation i7 processor is […]