Types of masters in architecture

Overview A Master’s degree in architecture – that’s the ticket! It’ll school you in design and construction basics. Plus, sustainability and environmental stewardship will be its focus. There are several types of Masters in Architecture, like post-professional urban design and theoretical/practical Masters degrees. Get the scoop on these degrees here: their requirements and benefits. Definition […]

Best Architecture Books for Architects And Students

Introduction Reading about architecture is a must for architects and students alike. This guide will help you find the best books to broaden your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Classic reference editions or more experimental offerings, this guide provides an overview of some of the most acclaimed titles in architectural literature. Topics […]

Best Business Cards For Architects And Interior Designers

Introduction Business cards are a must for architects and interior designers! Show off your work with a well-designed card. It will tell potential clients a lot about your professionalism. We will explore the top business cards for architects and interior designers. What makes them stand out? What are Business Cards? Business cards are a great […]

How can architecture become a stressful profession?


While many people think of architecture as a dream job, according to a 2016 Architects’ Journal student poll, one out of every four architecture students in the UK has had mental health concerns. When the study was repeated in 2018, the percentage had risen to one in three. In the United States, data from 17 […]