Architectural Journalism As A Career

Introduction to Architectural Journalism Architecture Journalism is a thrilling, gratifying career path! It’s ideal for those curious about architecture, taking pictures, writing, and research. If you want to dig deep into buildings’ design and architecture, plus use your writing and research abilities, this is the job for you. In this article, we’ll look at the […]

Architects Salary What can we do to boost our income

Introduction Architecture is a creative, challenging, and rewarding profession. People create living spaces that enhance others’ lives – from designing homes to civic buildings. Sadly, architects don’t always get fairly rewarded for their work. Some may think salary isn’t important; yet, it is related to quality of life and career satisfaction. Architects can increase their […]

Best Bags For Architecture Students

Introduction Are you an architecture student looking for a backpack? When it comes to picking the right bag, there are many things to think about. Do you need it to look professional, stylish or do you just need functionality and durability? Ask yourself questions such as: What will fit? How much space do I need? […]

Best architecture pens for drawing and rendering

Introduction Architectural drawing and rendering need the perfect tools! A great pen can open doors of possibilities to create detailed beauty. But, there are numerous pens on offer, which can be hard to decide on. Let’s inspect the best pens for architectural drawing and rendering! We’ll discuss the pros and cons each one has: Types […]